Lockdown your Skincare during Lockdown

skincare at karma house clinic

Lockdown your Skin Health

During this time of change we are all facing new challenges every day, some big and some small. One of these challenges if not already, may be your skincare. Other things will start to have an impact on your skincare routine that wouldn’t normally.

  • Budget; are you unsure if you can replenish your products as you would normally?
  • Daily routine; in lockdown our daily lives have changed, no daily sweaty gym class?
  • Diet; lockdown diet is going to be a little different to our usual eating habits.

All of these things have the potential to have a huge impact on your skin. We never under-appreciate the importance of good skin care to ensure good skin health is maintained. Good skin health results in good mental health. We see the negative impact serious skin conditions can have on your well-being every day with conditions such as acne and Rosacea taking over people’s lives. But, with the right education and skin care routine these can be managed and good skin health achieved. That is why we want to help make sure you can manage and get the absolute most out of your skincare while in lockdown!


So what can we do? We can LISTEN to our skin. The adaption we are all experiencing will have an effect on your skin health, and it will talk to you through your skin.

  • LOOK: look and feel; is your skin dry? Is it oily? Is it both? Do you have new spots?
  • LISTEN & THINK: what changes can you see and how will this affect your skincare routine? If you are home all day and the heating is now turned back on, this will dry your skin out. If you used to have a daily sweaty gym session with lots of sweat and forehead rubbing, this could have been the cause to your spots, are these clearing up a little? Or do you not normally have spotty skin but have spots appearing?
  • ADJUST: if you are drying out; ditch the exfoliation and up the moisturising. If you are less spotty because of no gym workouts, reduce your acne serum to every other day instead of every day. If you are more spotty than usual, be gentle with your skin and think why? Diet and alcohol will play a big part in this, it is hard not to comfort eat and drink in lockdown but maybe be a little more conscious on the effect this will have on your skin.  If your budget is smaller than before, stretch out your application as much as your skin can afford to do so. Instead of using your moisturiser and serum both morning and night, use the moisturiser in the morning and the serum at night.

With a little extra care and some adjustment you can really make sure you get the best for your skin and your skincare routine, both for your skin health and your budget.

Replenish your products

If you do need to replenish any products you can do this online during the clinics closure, these will be delivered straight to your home and all deliveries over £50 are FREE!

Stay tuned with the clinic throughout lock-down by following us on social, we post on Facebook and Instagram and will be sharing tips and advice, important announcements as well as just staying in touch with all of our fabulous clients!