Colour-Boost your Semi-Permanent Makeup / Cosmetic Tattooing

Colour-Boost your Semi-Permanent Makeup / Cosmetic Tattooing

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing, commonly known as Cosmetic Tattooing. Although still a tattoo, it is different from the permanent tattoos we have for decoration. Permanent tattoos use ink, while cosmetic tattooing uses pigment, meaning it will start to breakdown and fade away over time.

The use of pigments does mean you need to have regular colour-boosts in order to keep your cosmetic tattooing vivid and fresh. As well as time other factors such as sunshine and the chlorine in swimming pools will all start to breakdown the pigment over time. A colour-boost will ensure your cosmetic tattooing stays vivid and renewed at all times!

So, how does a colour-boost work?

To qualify for a colour-boost, it needs to be taken 12-18 months from your last treatment, whether your last treatment was a new set or a previous colour-boost. If you go more than 18 months without treatment, you will need to have a new set again, with the two appointments 4-6 weeks apart.

A ‘New set’: Full treatment carried out in two stages, 4-6 weeks apart. Cost; Eyebrows £350, Eyeliner £250-£350, Lip Colour from £400

A ‘Colour-Boost’: A re-fresh treatment carried out in one sitting. Cost; £175


Why can’t a colour-boost be carried out over 18 months?

If you try and complete a colour-boost on any semi-permanent makeup that was last treated over 18 months ago, the pigment will not take and will heal faded and patchy. One treatment (a colour-boost) is not enough to complete the process on pigment that is over 18 months old.

So, to get the best from your cosmetic tattooing you need to book in for your colour-boost every 12-18 months. This will ensure your tattooing is kept vibrant and vivid at all times and is more cost-effective! Anything over 18 months, will need to be booked as a new set at full price to ensure the results needed can be achieved.

To book your colour-boost visit or call 01296 614441.