Aqualyx® Face & Body Fat Dissolving Injections

Call The Karma Clinic in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire to find out more about Fat Dissolving Injections from our specialists. Our friendly and highly specialised staff are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Aqualyx® Face & Body Fat Dissolving Injections work by dissolving stubborn pockets of fat such as the ‘jelly-belly’, ‘bingo-wings’ and the ‘double-chin’. This injectable treatment uses the active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid to reduce fat deposits in these stubborn areas.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections: The Treatment

This treatment should only ever be carried out by a medical professional, such as a Registered Nurse or Doctor. You should also look out for a clinic that is regulated, with accreditation to regulatory bodies such as The Care Quality Commission or Save Face, like The Karma Clinic.

Fat Dissolving Injections with Aqualyx® Face & Body will not only reduce areas of localised fat but it will also improve skin firmness.

Following your Free Consultation with the nurse, your treatment can be planned and booked. Depending on the treatment area will depend on the booking time, but your appointment will last between 45-60 minutes. A number of sessions will usually be required, between 1-3 for optimal results. A 6-week gap is recommended between each treatment.

Fat Dissolving Injections
Fat Dissolving Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

Face: £300 (chin/face) | Body Small: £350 (small stomach, small back area) | Body Large: £500 (large stomach, bingo wings)

Price to be confirmed by nurse during Consultation

Fat Dissolving Injections

From: £300

*Consultations are carried out on a tailor-made individual basis.
All results vary and no guarantees can be given.

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