Thread Vein Removal Solutions

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Veins can be an embarrassing problem but if you have any worries about them there is a solution. The Karma Clinic in Aylesbury has a team of friendly and professional experts who can help you to address this problem. They understand the negative effect that this can have and how it can dent your confidence.

Thread Vein Removal Solutions

Thread Vein Removal – What Options Are There?

As an alternative way to approach vein removal, our expert practitioners offer a range of three procedures for the successful treatment of veins; Veinwave®, IPL and Sclerotherapy.

So what types of veins can you treat?

Spider / Thread Veins – These are the result of blood vessels in the skin that have become enlarged and therefore are visible to the naked eye. They can appear in a ‘spidery’ fashion beneath the skins surface and they can appear anywhere on your body.

Varicose veins are somewhat larger and often bulge above the skin's surface. Although these veins may be asymptomatic, it is more common that symptoms attributable to venous disease, such as heaviness, aching, burning and throbbing sensations, as well as restless legs, swollen ankles and feet. A definite cause of these veins is not known, although strong hereditary links suggest that some people are born with veins that are prone to deterioration. In women, the hormone oestrogen may also play a role, as the onset of puberty and pregnancy gives rise to the prevalence of vein abnormalities.

What Treatments Are Available For Vein Removal?


Veinwave® is a system that has been designed specifically for use for thread vein removal on your face. This innovative approach to dealing with the issue of thread veins on the face requires very little downtime on your part and is a procedure which has been adopted by clinics across the country and boasts high rates of success.

Our innovative treatment makes use of thermal coagulation which uses heat to destroy the thread veins. When having thread vein removal treatment, the veins will disappear instantly, with a follow-up session used to clean up any remaining veins to the area.

Following the treatment you may notice that the skin is a little pinker than usual and there are some clients who notice a small scab form. This will normally last around 3-10 days, but everybody’s healing is different and there is no fixed time scale. Use of make-up should be avoided for 48 hours after any thread vein removal treatment. Many people who opt for this type of thread vein removal notice other veins appearing and for some a treatment once a year may be a good idea to keep them at bay. This is something that you can discuss with your practitioner when you come in for your initial consultation.


IPL is also used to treat facial thread veins as well as veins on the chest and torso. It works by using a light to send pulses of energy along the veins, causing the veins to collapse. The excess blood is then absorbed and naturally broken down by your body, resulting in the disappearance of the vein.

This treatment can be a little uncomfortable but your laser specialist will help to sooth the treated veins by applying a cooled gel to the treatment area. You may experience slight bruising following treatment but this is perfectly normal and will subside within a very short period, however do keep in mind that everybody’s healing time is different.


Sclerotherapy is used for treating any leg veins. The treatment involves the injection of a solution via a tiny needle which causes the veins walls to collapse and become absorbed by the body. It is not a painful treatment and the appointment should last for no longer than one hour. A compression stocking will be applied after treatment and it is important that this remains in place for the period of time specified by your specialist.

Any bruising at the injection sites will disappear over a few days, but occasionally may last for a few weeks. The majority of people are able to carry on with their normal activities immediately after treatment.

Thread Vein Removal Solutions
Thread Vein Removal Solutions

Vein Removal – What Are The First Steps?

It is common for some people to need to undergo more than one treatment but we will advise on this at the time of the first treatment so that you understand what to expect. Our staff will reassure you that there is little pain involved in thread vein removal and our primary concern at all times is your comfort.

Our Clinics' experts will also be on hand to advise on skin care following the procedure with tips to make sure that you get the best results possible. For example, you should avoid make-up and moisturiser for around 48 hours following any thread vein removal and care should be taken when exposing the skin to sunlight.

We can also advise you if any other treatments that we offer can benefit you and there are some which can be carried out at the same time, like Cosmetic Tattooing. To find out more about thread vein removal simply book in for your free consultation and talk to our experienced team of experts at The Karma Clinic in Aylesbury.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.

Thread Vein Removal

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*Consultations are carried out on a tailor-made individual basis.
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