Semi Permanent Lip Blush

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If you often wear lip colour then semi permanent lip blush is something that you should consider. This long-lasting semi-permanent solution provides a subtle lip blush to always ensure your lips are defined.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

What Are The Advantages?

Anyone who regularly wears lipstick and lip colour will understand the frustration of having to reapply it time after time. During the day it tends to disappear when you eat and drink, so to maintain the same look you need to carry your makeup around with you. Semi permanent lip blush provides an alternative. It will simply stay in place and you can enjoy the advantages of lip colour without it taking up more time than necessary.

It is also a great feature for those who do not like to be seen without their make-up – the colour remains, even when you first wake up. In addition, it will not smudge like traditional make-up so no trying to correct mistakes!

What Is Involved?

When you arrive for your initial consultation our micropigmentation specialist will explain how the process works. For semi permanent lip blush the process is the same as for a tattoo. Coloured pigments are placed within the skin’s dermal layer. The time it takes to apply varies from person to person but most semi permanent lip blush procedures are completed within 2 hours.

Immediately following the treatment you may notice that there is a slight swelling and it could take a few days for this to subside. At first you will notice that the colour is perhaps a little darker than you first wanted but your micropigmentation specialist will explain that this is normal and it will fade in time. The pigment matures, and around six weeks after the treatment, it will be the required colour. However, this is an estimate and it does depend upon the individual being treated as age, skin type and lifestyle can all play a part in this process.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

The process of semi permanent lip blush is safe and you may hear our team refer to it as micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing. The lasting results of this type of treatment are helping to make it popular and it can save a great deal of time. Semi permanent make-up also comes in the form of eye liner and eyebrows. Medical tattooing can also be used to cover up scars.

Shape and definition can be given to the features of the face and this can help to ensure that you always look your best. Here at Karma House in Aylesbury we understand that the loss of confidence can be soul-destroying and our range of treatments are designed to help you to achieve the look that you want and give you back your self esteem. Our professional team are all qualified and experienced and are on hand from your initial consultation right through the process to answer any questions that you may have.

If looking your best is important to you then why not talk to our team about some of the other treatments that we have on offer? Consider some of our revitalising treatments, or deal with those annoying thread veins. Some of our treatments could be carried out at the same time as the semi-permanent lip liner and can help you to get the younger and fresher look that you want.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush


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