4 steps to rid your makeup of unwanted bacteria

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We have time on our hands, how can we put it to good use? I am sure every window has been cleaned every cupboard cleared out and every cake baked! What about the other things we over-look, such as your makeup bag? It is a daily feature within our lives but sadly doesn’t get half the attention it should. Well now is the time! Let’s open it up, get it all out and have a MAKEUP CLEAN UP!

  1. Firstly, empty the entire contents of your makeup bag so you can see exactly what you’re working with. The aim of the game; clear out, clean up and organise!
  2. Look at all the makeup items you have. Do you use them all? Do you need them all? Bin any items that are old and out of date, this isn’t good for your skin. We all have the random items we ‘might use one day’ that have now realistically been sat at the bottom collecting dust and bacteria for years, chuck um! All the old items that are broken and crushed and were on their last legs 6 months ago, chuck um!
  3. Then look at the items that are still in date and in good condition, but you never use and realistically never will. Recycle? Give them to a family member or a friend (social distance depending) that you know will use them.
  4. Now you should be left with all your essential makeup items that you use daily or weekly, and now we welcome the anti-bac! Bacteria is not our friend and you will be amazed at just how much will be living in your makeup bag and on your makeup tools. We can improve this with a simple clean! This should be carried out monthly to keep your tools in good condition and the bacteria levels as low as they can be. Using a hot damp cloth with some anti-bacterial spray is good enough to get things cleaned up. You can get various anti-bacterial wipes you may find easier to use. To clean your brushes you just need some shampoo. Wet the end of the brush and drop a small dollop of shampoo on the end. Rub this in really getting into the bristles, I am always shocked at how much foundation and excess makeup comes off when washing my brushes! You will see this wash away (and with it all the bacteria we don’t want!) Keep going until the water runs clear. Lastly look at where you keep your makeup, is the bag starting to look grubby? If you’re being honest and it is past the point of no return, chuck it! Get a new one. If not give it a good wipe out, or you can always put it through the washing machine?

Now you should have a very happy clean makeup collection! Bacteria is not our friend and we need to keep our makeup clean and bacteria free, for the sake of your skin and your wallet! Get in to the routine of cleaning your makeup regularly and have healthy, happy skin!