Cosmetic Tattooing; Semi Permanent Eyebrows carried out September 2019. Client review following treatment at Karma House Clinic.



Cosmetic Tattooing; Semi Permanent Eyebrows carried out September 2019. Client review following treatment at Karma House Clinic.

I booked to have my eyebrows microbladed with Carly at the Karma House Clinic after consultation regarding shape and colour. Before my initial consultation, I had been a little apprehensive because after all it is a treatment on the face and you want it to be perfect. Carly made me feel totally at ease and normal for having various questions on wanting the correct look for me. My main concern was for them to not look to harsh and to not be too dark. Carly took a great deal of time and care penciling my eyebrows on, to begin with, and correcting the shape, until she was happy to show me and ask me my thoughts and if I liked them or wanted any changes made. I loved the shape straight away and in my head, my first thought was she has actually listened to me….Hooray! I have, like so many of us, had many beauty treatment failures and disappointments.

 The first appointment is about an hour and a half and begins with the eyebrows being anaesthetized for a good 30 minutes before the treatment begins. The treatment isn’t particularly uncomfortable but just feels like a scratchy sensation on the skin. Carly throughout was ensuring I was ok and explaining the treatment and the process as she worked. A second appointment is needed within 4-6 weeks after the eyebrows have healed. The second treatment consists of a colour boost to the eyebrows to complete the look, which is included in the overall price. I am on day 7 and they have healed very well. You are given an aftercare bag with a serum in to put over the brows to begin the healing process along with various aftercare instructions.

 I can’t recommend Carly or Karma House Clinic enough, they are professional, extremely friendly and honest which means everything to me when somebody is effectively going to work on my face. I was so thrilled with the colour and shape and have received so many compliments regarding my eyebrows. It’s true they really do shape your face and make such a difference to your overall appearance. I am looking forward to my second treatment to complete the look! If you are thinking of having this treatment I would highly recommend The Karma House Clinic and book for a free consultation with Carly if you have any further questions’.

Cosmetic Tattooing offers shape and definition and comes in a number of different forms. At Karma House Clinic we offer both tattooing and microblading. These treatments can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lip colour. Semi-Permanent eyebrows can be block brows, hair strokes or powder brows. They can be as natural or as solid as you want. Our highly experienced and skilled practitioners are here to help you and can be booked for a Free Consultation prior to any treatment.

If you would like to book you can do this online by visiting or you can call our friendly reception team on 01296 614441.