Important News – Business Closure for COVID-19

We will be closing our doors with immediate effect

It is with heartfelt regret yet strong solidarity that we must announce the temporary closure of Karma House Clinic due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. As you are all aware, this epidemic challenges us all and something we did not see coming. We will be closing down until the time comes when we can all start to re-build and get back on our feet, as a country. Our current plan is to re-open for the 1st May, but this will be governed by the ongoing situation and we will keep you updated as this progresses.


What happens now?

Step 1: Moving of appointments
For any of you who have booked appointments within the month of April, we will be calling you within the next coming days to move these bookings. We will be re-booking these from the 1st May with the hope to re-open on this date, however this will be assessed as the situation develops.

Step 2: Assessing the situation
At the end of April, we will know if we will be able to re-open on the 1st May, or if this will be pushed back to the 1st June. At this time, we will manage all booked appointments for May, and should they need to be moved, you will be contacted for this to happen, and re-booked from 1st June.

*Restocking your Skincare Products:ย Should you run out of any skincare products during our period of closure you can order these online for delivery straight to your doorstep.

As a business, as a country, and as individuals, we will all be striving to beat this epidemic and get back on our feet. When the business is able to re-open, we will ensure this is communicated to you with plenty of notice. We will rejoice together as our staff members can return to work, our clients can re-start their treatments and our business can continue to operate, grow and evolve. We promise to come back with lots of exciting and forward thinking news! We will be bigger and better! We will use strength and determination in the face of uncertainty and we can’t wait to deliver this to you!

On a personal note from all at Karma House Clinic, we thank you for your continued support and loyalty. These are unprecedented times we all face, and we will face them together. At this time, we can only do the right thing and work together to beat the virus, support those fighting hard to do so and rally around each other as much as we can. We will come out the other side of this, but until that point we must all take accountability within the fight against COVID-19. We wish you and your loved ones well and hope you can all stay safe and secure throughout. Best Wishes from Caron Vetter all at Karma House Clinic.