Muscle Relaxing Injections and their Benefits

Muscle Relaxing Injections And Their Benefits

Muscle Relaxing Injections and Their Benefits – is it a risk?

Risks with muscle relaxing injections treatment are very low, and rare. However, the anti-wrinkle treatment sometimes known as wrinkle relaxing injections does consist of a toxin which is injected into the muscle. We always ensure that this anti-ageing treatment is carried out with the right preparation including a full initial consultation and a number of lifestyle measures being put into place before any wrinkle relaxing injections take place. We will advise that features such as alcohol and aspirin should be removed from your daily routine as these have been known to make side effects worse, and the toxin can also interact with some antibiotics. By following our procedures and advice you can make the aftercare of this anti-wrinkle treatment a great deal easier.

Are there any side effects?

There are some side effects to consider when having any muscle relaxing injections treatment but generally nothing to worry about. One of the most common side effects with the wrinkle relaxing injections is a swelling of the skin where the injection has been carried out. Sometimes there may be some bruising, but this is not as common. An anti-inflammatory product can be taken to alleviate these symptoms and, in most cases, it will have gone after 24 hours. Our professional medical team will be able to help you to prepare for this and minimise any risks relating to the anti-wrinkle treatment.

When will I be able to see the results from my anti-wrinkle treatment?

You should not expect to see results immediately. This type of treatment needs to settle so you do need to allow at least two weeks to see its’ full effect. You may be disappointed that you do not see the full effect immediately but this is normal. After two weeks you will start to notice the effects of the muscle relaxing injections taking place. With this type of anti-wrinkle treatment you will find that it can last anything from three to six months, depending upon the area being treated and other individual factors. After several treatments you will find that the problem areas do not need to be treated as often, as the muscles become more relaxed and the younger you is around for a little longer!

Getting the right advice before any muscle relaxing injection treatment is a must, which is why our team of experts are on hand to ensure that you have everything that you need in terms of information. Our advice will always be in your best interests so if you have any concerns please talk to us.