Our Plan to Re-Open


*pending compliance with the Government’s ‘Plan to Rebuild Recovery Strategy’, time frames may change

Following the Government’s announcements and the release of the 50 page recovery strategy document, we have been given a planned re-opening date of July 4th 2020. We sit within the Personal Care sector, which is inline with the Hospitality sector.

Although this is very much subject to the β€˜R’ rate staying below 1 and could be pushed back should the statistics not show the improvement they need to, it is a time frame all the same and something we are able to plan around.

So, on that basis we are planning to re-open our doors on Monday 6th July (hooray!)

Due to the very real possibility that this date may be pushed back, we will not be taking bookings until we are back in office and confirmed to be open. This will also allow all the client’s that have had appointments cancelled and are on the waiting list, to be contacted and re-booked back in first.

So for now, we ask you to continue to sit tight. All those that have been cancelled due to the closure will be contacted to re-book as we nearer the time and have further confirmation we will be able to open.

From then on we will be shouting it loud and proud that we are open and taking new bookings, we can’t wait to be back in business!

What will we be doing prior to our re-opening date?

Prior to opening we will be training all staff in the new PPE and social distance policies and procedures. We have throughout the closure been getting ready for the day when we can open our doors again, to ensure the safety of both our staff and the public. We will be following all social distancing regulations as well as using all the required PPE to enable us to carry out our work safely.

Due to these new regulations that will be in place, you will notice some changes when you next visit the clinic. While we are all getting used to this new way of life as the battle against COVID-19 continues, it is to be expected for some adaptions and new procedures to be in place when all businesses are able to re-open. We will be communicating what changes you can expect at the clinic and all our PPE and social distancing policies in the weeks leading up to our re-opening date. These will also be sent to each client when a booking is made to ensure everyone has all the information they need prior to their visit.


The wait is nearly over

As mentioned above, now is the time to continue to sit tight and wait for further updates as we near our planned re-opening date. All those waiting to be re-booked back in will be contacted, and we will then let you all know as soon as the diary is officially open again and we are back in business!