Survival Guide; Skin, Hair & All Things Aesthetics

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There is no getting around the fact that we all find ourselves unable to continue and maintain our usual skin, hair and anti-ageing routine. In-clinic treatments are unable to go ahead and this will have short-term consequences. But, what can we do in the mean time? Here is our survival guide to help you maintain your usual maintenance and treatments as best you can from home.


    If you were in the middle of any IPL or laser hair removal treatment, this enforced break will be proving difficult. The best thing you can do, is not pluck, shave or wax the hairs while at home. Only trim them back to the skin using scissors. We understand this will be difficult for some to do, but this is the best option to avoid stalling your in-clinic treatment or going backwards. By shaving, plucking or waxing, you will be stimulating the hair follicle and this will in turn cause it to grow back thicker, courser and more dense. So if you can, trim the hair only until you can resume your in-clinic hair removal treatments.
    In-clinic skin treatments assist thousands of you to help manage and keep at bay skin conditions such as acne, Rosacea, dry and oily skin. With in-clinic treatments missing, you can only ramp up your skin care at home and be thoughtful in your at-home skin maintenance. So what can you do? Think about what you put in your body. Food and drink play a huge part in your skin health and cause breakouts and reactions. Make use of the down time to get on track with your retinol products. Retinols can initially cause actions in the skin such as dryness and this can often put people of using retinols. Once your skin adjusts to the retinol the dryness will stop and you will only see improvements to your overall skin conditions. Retinols are powerful and are the best tool in the fight against anti-ageing. So, use this time to get on track with your retinol so you get to daily use. As well as this you can adjust your skincare to what your skin is telling you now. Alternate products or introduce some exfoliation, you can order all AlumierMD products online through our online portal.
    So many of us rely on our eyebrows being maintained by professionals with monthly waxing, threading or even tattooing treatments. While at home you can do your best to maintain your brows by plucking away the extra growth, in keeping with your shape. Pluck the hairs with the hair growth, not against them. When finished plucking brush through the brows and be proud of the grand work you have done! Regular plucking will help keep your brows in shape until you can go back to salon treatments, but be careful not to over pluck! Always air on the side of caution rather than go to far and take away too much hair.


You don’t have to lose out completely and can do what you can to maintain your usual routines while at home. Keep up-to-date and stay connected with us by following us on our social media platforms, just search for Karma House Clinic.