Maskne Skincare; helping you treat face mask acne

Maskne Skincare; helping you treat face mask acne

The ‘new normal’ is what we hear so often at the moment; having to queue outside shops, no hugging friends or family, and the use of face masks. We can all adjust and understand why these measures are in place, but some of them have some unwelcome side effects! Introducing to you; maskne. You may have heard of this new skin complaint by now, facial acne brought on by the use of face masks. So, what can we do about it? We all know face masks won’t be going away any time soon, so let’s learn a little more about what is going on underneath them now, to help prevent unwanted maskne.

Why am I getting acne from wearing a face mask?
When wearing face masks your skin is being covered up with no exposure to fresh air. Material is touching the skin and it can get hot under there, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to form. This environment will also block the oil glands and hair follicles, another prime location for dirt and bacteria to get trapped. All of this, is a breeding ground for spots to breakout, blackheads to appear and acne to develop.

What can I do to prevent it?
There are some things you can do to help look after your skin while using face masks, to prevent breakouts and maintain healthy skin.

1) Keep your face mask clean; make sure you have more than two face masks so that you can wash them regularly. They will be picking up dirt, both visible and invisible every day. This is then being placed directly onto your skin. A clean face mask is the number one priority when dealing with maskne.

2) Regular skincare routine; keep to a regular skincare routine every am and pm. This should include a cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, with additional serums and masks being used if possible. We need to keep the skin clean and remove any trapped oil, sebum secretions and dirt collected and distributed from your face mask.

3) Remove all makeup; it is important to remove all makeup at the end of the day, with a cleanser and not a baby wipe. As above, make sure the skin is being cleaned properly each day, not left for further bacteria to grow. We always advise the use of mineral makeup to promote good skin health.

4) No heavy duty; your usual moisturiser may be heavy and rich to suit your skin type. Consider changing this when using a face mask. The extra heat and moist condition the face mask creates will promote excessive perspiration which will aid the blocking of oil glands and the creation of dirt.

5) Retinol regularity; review the frequency you are using any retinol products. As we know, retinols can often irritate the skin so wearing a face mask over this sensitive skin will only irritate it further. Consider using any retinol products less frequently when wearing your face mask.

6) SPF protection; you should still be applying your daily SPF to the face, including the lower part of your face that is at times covered by your face mask. Look at your SPF and your moisturiser, do you need both? Most clinical SPF’s act as a moisturiser as well and can remove the need for a moisturiser during the day. As we mentioned in point 4, we don’t want heavy duty, so cutting down on the number of products used in the morning could be very beneficial to promote a light-weight and breathable environment.

7) Time to sink in; always allow 30 minutes before putting your face mask on after applying any facial serums, moisturisers or SPF’s. This will allow everything to sink down into the skin where it needs to be, instead of being tampered with by your face mask.

8) Limit your face mask time; wherever possible while adhering to all social distancing and face mask measures, remove your mask at intervals throughout the day and give it some breathing space. If you can, within a lunch break or tea break, go outside, remove your mask and let your skin dry out and breath. If you are in an environment where your face mask must be on for the majority of the day, consider swapping your face mask at lunch time, using two per day to give your skin health the best chance.

We can help
By thinking about your skin health during our ‘new normal’ you can really aid your skin and keep on top of maintaining healthy and breakout-free skin! If you would like any further advise on how to maintain good skin health and what products to use while doing this, you can book a FREE virtual Skincare Consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners, simply call us on 01296 614441 or you can book online by visiting