Virtual Beauty; Camera to Camera

Virtual Beauty; Camera to Camera


The lens that see’s it all

We are living in an age when Zoom meetings and Team calls are becoming apart of our everyday lives. Face-to-face has a whole new meaning when it is camera-to-camera, it sees everything!

After trying to find a position that showcases your best background, the angles, shadows and lighting never seem to help us look our best, and after all, we always aim to impress our fellow colleagues.

The past 8 months have taken it’s toll on all of us in one way or another and for many it has been aesthetically. Stress and anxiety cause physical reactions in the body, and in turn our appearance. The last thing any of us need right now is to start feeling down about ourselves or conscious of being on camera. We want confidence and positivity! There may be things you have noticed that you want help or advise on. So how can Karma House help?


Frown Lines

Location: Frown lines and wrinkles can be found on the forehead, in-between and around the sides of the eyes (known as crows feet).
Treatment: The most effective treatment for unwanted lines and wrinkles is muscle relaxing injections. Performed by a nurse, small doses of botulinum toxin are administered to the face to halt the movement of certain facial muscles that are causing the lines and wrinkles.
Longevity: To maintain your results this treatment needs to be repeated every 12 weeks. Should you choose not to repeat treatment, the botulinum toxin will naturally break down and your muscle movement will return to normal, along with the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.
Treatment Time: 30-45 minutes.
Cost: This treatment is cost per area; 1 area is £200, 2 area is £280 and 3 area is £320.


Poor Skin Complexion

Location: Face. Poor skin complexion can affect the entire face or only parts of the face. This could include spots, blocked pores and dry or oily skin.
Treatment: Various options are available for poor skin complexion. From advanced skin peels to IPL skin rejuvenation, we can target the problem with precision and science to help restore your skins healthy glow.
Longevity: Depending on the treatment you will likely need to come into clinic once per month/once every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of your skin health and treatment results. Once an initial treatment plan has taken place to restore your skins complexion, you may be signed off with an at-home skincare routine to maintain your skins health.
Treatment Time: 30-60 minutes.
Cost: Varying depending on your treatment plan, we have facial treatments from £65-£350.


Hooded Eyelids

Location: Top and/or bottom eyelids where the skin has become loose and sags.
Treatment: Plasma Lifting is a non-surgical alternative to blepharoplasty (excessive eyelid surgical removal). Plasmalift therapy uses a device fitted with a microscopic needle to create minute, laser-made incisions into skin that is starting to sag or lose volume. This process heats up tiny columns of the skin, causing the skin fibers to contract and shorten through controlled skin damage. This, in turn, kick starts the body’s natural healing process, boosting collagen production, and leading to the tightening and removal of excess skin. It is minimally invasive, quick, and so effective that the results can only be compared to plastic surgery.
Longevity: Once results are achieved you will not need any further immediate treatment. As you continue to age over the years your eyes may start to show signs of further ageing and sagging and at this point you may want to consider another treatment, however this would be years after your first treatment.
Treatment Time: 60-90 minutes.
Cost: £350-£600.


Missing Eyebrows

Location: Eyebrows.
Treatment: Cosmetic Tattooing is used to naturally rebuild sparse or missing eyebrows. Using natural pigments to create shape and definition, a microscopic needle implants the pigment into the surface layer of the skin. This is what makes it different to a traditional permanent tattoo, that goes much deeper into the dermal layer of the skin. You can choose your style of eyebrow with digital microblading, powder brows or block brows, depending on the look you are looking to achieve.
Longevity: Once your Cosmetic Tattooing has been completed it will last between 12-18 months before beginning to gradually fade. If you want to maintain your tattooed brows, a colour-boost will be required every 12-18 months which will keep them new and vibrant for another 12-18 months and so on.
Treatment Time: 60-90 minutes.
Cost: New Set £350  Colour-Boost £175


Skin Tags

Location: Anywhere on the body, common in areas of friction such as the neck and armpits.
Treatment: Skin Tag removal using thermocoagulation. A very fine heated needle is used to slice through the base of the tag, cauterizing as is does. This will clot the wound to prevent bleeding. Depending on the size of the tag depends on the complexity of the treatment; some smaller tags are removed in seconds with little-no pressure felt, where as some bigger tags may take a few passes to complete the cut off.
Longevity: Lifelong. Once the tags are removed they are gone forever! However, this doesn’t stop new tags from forming just like the removed tags did.
Treatment Time: 15-30 minutes.
Cost: £40-£95 depending on size and complexity of tags.



Location: Anywhere on the body, common in areas of sun exposure such as the face, hands and chest.
Treatment: IPL or Cryotherapy can be used to treat pigmentation, depending on the depth and strength of the pigmentation. Cryotherapy is used on superficial pigmentation that sits in the surface layer of the skin and uses liquid nitrogen to blast the pigmentation patches. IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is used on deeper more established areas of pigmentation and draws on advanced technology and clinically-proven techniques to stimulate new skin growth and reduce redness. The wavelengths from the light cause pigmented areas in the skin to break down into smaller particles, triggering the body’s natural healing process and forming new cells. Your skin will become clearer, brighter and smoother from the very first session.
Longevity: Cryotherapy requires 1-2 sessions, it can be more depending on the individuals pigmentation. For IPL a course of treatment will be needed, on average between 4-8 sessions.
Treatment Time: 15-30 minutes.
Cost: Cryotherapy Initial Treatment £65 Cryotherapy Follow-up £32.50   IPL from £65



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