Transitioning? We take NHS referrals and private bookings

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Transitioning? We take NHS referrals and private bookings

At Karma House Clinic we see those at the beginning, middle or end of their transition in clinic regularly for treatments. Whether booked privately, or as a referral from the NHS, there are many treatments that can help when transitioning.

IPL Hair Removal
IPL Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments booked. To remove hair semi-permanently is life changing. After a course of treatment has been completed you will no longer need to shave daily, weekly or even monthly! The hair is gone ‘for good’, with one maintenance treatment reccomened per year to keep the hair growth at bay. This treatment can be given anywhere on the body, excluding genitalia and internally. Common treatment areas include the face and neck, legs, bikini line and armpits.

The first step for IPL Hair Removal would be to book in for a Free Consultation and Patch Test. During your Consultation your practitioner will inform you all about the treatment and exactly how it works, making sure you are suitable for the treatment. A small patch test will then be carried out, and your first treatment can take place 7 days post patch test.

Cosmetic Tattooing
Another top treatment that helps those transitioning, is Cosmetic Tattooing. Cosmetic Tattooing is used to define, recreate and enhance the facial features such as eyebrows, eyeliner and even the lips. Pigment is planted into the skin, much like a tattoo but only semi-permanent (meaning it will fade gradually over time) to create the perfect brows, enhance the eyes with eyeliner or create visually stunning lips.

This treatment is carried out in two parts taken 4-6 weeks apart, and then you will have a beautiful set of features that last up to 18 months before a one off top up is required. Not only is Cosmetic Tattooing great for enhancing the face but it takes away the daily need to draw in eyebrows or eyeliner or apply lipstick. Saving time and money!

Any Cosmetic Tattooing will be created together with you and your practitioner. It can be as natural or as made up as you wish, with the options of microblading or block brows. Digital tattooing allows you to create soft natural brows with a strong finish that last in the skin for up to 18 months.

Skin Care
We have a wide range of skin treatments at Karma House Clinic. These can help with all skin concerns such as dry skin, pitted skin, open pores, wrinkles, acne and sun damage. By understanding your skin and getting it to a point of good health, you can maintain a healthy glowing complexion at all times!

Treatments that are carried out at Karma House Clinic include skin peels, IPL skin rejuvenation, skin pen (skin needling), dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, plasma lift and much more.

We offer Free Consultations for all our skin treatments. We would advise first booking in for this so that you can get all the information on all your available options and can then book treatment in from there.

Anti Ageing
At Karma House Clinic our Aesthetic Nurse specialises in anti-ageing skin treatments. Treating skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, they have an option of treatments to best suit you. Treatments such as Dermal Fillers can rid of any unwanted wrinkles and plump our any sagging skin.

A Free Consultation must be had with the Aesthetic Nurse prior to any treatment. They can then advise and recommend what is most suitable for you and your skin.

youngblood mineral makeup karma house clinic

Make Up
Makeup, you can either love it or hate it! To some it comes naturally to apply and get creative with, for many it proves a difficult task. We stock Youngblood Mineral Makeup at Karma House Clinic which is a makeup that not only provides flawless coverage, but it feeds your skin with nutrients at the same time. Made from minerals it let’s your skin breath and promotes good skin health.

If you would like some help with makeup application including colour matching and handy tips and tricks, you can book in for a 45 minute makeup consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners.

Karma House Clinic is on the list of registered providers for transitioning patients and is funded for IPL Hair Removal treatments. If you have been referred by the NHS you can book your Free Consultation as normal, and any funding will then be dealt with at your first appointment.


So if you are ready to start treatment or are at the start of your research, you can book in for a Free Consultation to come and meet the team and learn more about how we can help you. To book you can call the clinic on 01296 614441 or you can book online by visiting our website.

*please note that during the COVID-19 lockdown we are operating a waiting list, please email your interest to, we will then call you to book your Consultation when we are officially re-open.