What is the difference between semi-permanent make up (cosmetic tattooing) and microblading?

What is the difference between semi-permanent make up (cosmetic tattooing) and microblading?


Over the last few years the buzz word of ‘microblading’ has hit the headlines as the latest ‘must-have’ beauty treatment. But what actually is microblading? Well, what most people are unaware of it that it is just another form of cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading uses a hand held blade to manually implant the pigment into the skin. This makes it perfect for younger skin types who just need a few hair strokes added to fill gaps or thicken natural brows already in place.

Semi-permanent makeup is the other most common phrase used along with cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation. This form of cosmetic tattooing uses a digital machine with a variety of very fine needles to implant the pigment into the skin, rather than a manual blade.

The process and principle are exactly the same for both treatments; implant pigment into the skin to create hair strokes and eyebrows. It is simply the technique used that differs.

With cosmetic tattooing there are now many variations you can look for; powder brows, hair stroke brows, block brows and ombre brows. Microblading would be used for hair stroke brows, while the digital method would be favoured for any ombre brows or block brows.

As well as eyebrows this method of tattooing is used for eyeliner and lip colours. You can create a statement winged eyeliner and even a full lip blush colour for beautifully coloured lips 24/7.

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