WOW Facial

WOW Facial

The WOW facial is a revolutionary luxurious facial that combines 6 stages of the most advanced skincare technologies.

After having a WOW facial your skin will be left glowing, with immediate results that are long-lasting. This facial leaves you with healthy and luminous skin, using targeted treatments that not only deliver the results but feel amazing!

What is a WOW facial?

The WOW facial follows 6 stages of treatments:

1.Cleanse & Resurface
The specially formulated AHA cleanser will remove any sign of makeup and residue on the skin while starting the exfoliation process as it prepares the skin for the resurfacing peels. There are four resurfacing peels to choose from within the WOW facial and together you and your practitioner will choose the ideal one for your skin type, making the WOW facial a truly bespoke treatment.


Dermaplaning treatment works by gently and superficially removing the dead skin cells sitting on the very surface of your skin, along with any peach fuzz growing! This action alone reveals a youthful glowing skin and allows deeper penetration of the WOW fusion.

3.WOW Fusion

With a combination of amino acids, peptides, multivitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals a unique skincare cocktail is designed tailored to you and your skin. This is delivered into the skin via a cluster of 20 0.06mm needles that are as fine as human hair, with a stamping motion on the skin. By delivering these active ingredients to where your skin needs them allows them to work at a cellular level, setting aside this treatment to all the rest.

4.LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy has long been used and hailed upon for its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin, increase healing and improve skins acne, pigmentation and sun damage. The mask is laid over the face as the LED lights emit their professional-strength treatment to the skin.

5.WOW Mask

The WOW mask is a super strength hyaluronic acid, collagen, Argireline and RMCP complex. This cult beauty classic is behind the very basics of the WOW facial, famous for reducing wrinkles and lines and surcharging the skin with hydration, stem cells and peptides. This step is an absolute must-have!

  • Finish, Protect and WOW
    To end this luxurious 75-minute facial your skin is treated and protected, leaving a soft dewy complexion. Your practitioner will choose the right serums for your skin, not forgetting the final touch of the ever-important SPF!


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WOW facial only ยฃ149
*offer ends 31.12.19. Usual RRP ยฃ199