Why is winter the ideal time for IPL hair removal treatment?

Why is winter the ideal time for IPL hair removal treatment?

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a treatment used for the long-term (permanent) removal of external body hair.

This treatment is always best carried out during winter. This is because, your skin must not have an active tan whilst under-going any IPL treatments. By an active tan, we mean pigment in the skin, so that nice shade of brown (or red!) that you go during the summer months.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have IPL during the summer months, but you must be extremely careful with your sun exposure. It is therefore clear to see why IPL is the perfect treatment to take during winter! You can complete a course of hair removal without having to worry about sun exposure, and be hair free in time for next summer.

How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL hair removal uses intense pulsed light to target each individual hair follicle right from the base, stopping the hair from re-growing. After a cycle of treatments taken at specific durations, the IPL will have targeted the hair follicle at each of it’s life cycles, which results in the end of that hair follicles growth. Put simply, your hair will stop growing (hurrah!).




Things you should think about before having IPL hair removal:

  • You cannot have any natural or fake tan on your skin during your course of treatments.
  • You must not have any perfumes, oils or creams on your skin on the day of treatment.
  • There are certain medications that will contraindicate this treatment, you will need to make your practitioner aware of your medical history during your consultation.

How to start the process

To get started with your IPL hair removal treatment you first need a Free Consultation and Patch Test. At this consultation, your practitioner will go through with you in detail how the treatment works, and will make sure you are suitable for treatment. Following this, a small patch test will be carried out to the treatment area. For this to take place, there will need to be a little hair growth showing through the skin in the treatment area.

Following your consultation, once seven days have passed, you can book in for your first treatment. The length of your treatment will be determined by the treatment area being treatment, but can be anything between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Your course of treatments will be taken every four to six weeks, and a minimum of five treatments will be needed. Your practitioner will explain all of this to you during your consultation.

Following the successful completion of your IPL hair removal course (also known as laser hair removal) your treatment area will no longer grow hair, and you won’t need to shave or wax the area anymore. We do recommend one singular treatment annually, to keep the hair follicle dormant and stopping the hair from re-growing.

How to book

To book your Free Consultation and Patch Test you can: