Maskne Skincare; helping you treat face mask acne

Maskne Skincare; helping you treat face mask acne

The ‘new normal’ is what we hear so often at the moment; having to queue outside shops, no hugging friends or family, and the use of face masks. We can all adjust and understand why these measures are in place, but some of them have some unwelcome side effects! Introducing to you; maskne. You may have heard of this new skin complaint by now, facial acne brought on by the use of face masks. So, what can we do about it? We all know face masks won’t be going away any time soon, so let’s learn a little more about what is going on underneath them now, to help prevent unwanted maskne.

Why am I getting acne from wearing a face mask?
When wearing face masks your skin is being covered up with no exposure to fresh air. Material is touching the skin and it can get hot under there, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to form. This environment will also block the oil glands and hair follicles, another prime location for dirt and bacteria to get trapped. All of this, is a breeding ground for spots to breakout, blackheads to appear and acne to develop.

What can I do to prevent it?
There are some things you can do to help look after your skin while using face masks, to prevent breakouts and maintain healthy skin.

1) Keep your face mask clean; make sure you have more than two face masks so that you can wash them regularly. They will be picking up dirt, both visible and invisible every day. This is then being placed directly onto your skin. A clean face mask is the number one priority when dealing with maskne.

2) Regular skincare routine; keep to a regular skincare routine every am and pm. This should include a cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, with additional serums and masks being used if possible. We need to keep the skin clean and remove any trapped oil, sebum secretions and dirt collected and distributed from your face mask.

3) Remove all makeup; it is important to remove all makeup at the end of the day, with a cleanser and not a baby wipe. As above, make sure the skin is being cleaned properly each day, not left for further bacteria to grow. We always advise the use of mineral makeup to promote good skin health.

4) No heavy duty; your usual moisturiser may be heavy and rich to suit your skin type. Consider changing this when using a face mask. The extra heat and moist condition the face mask creates will promote excessive perspiration which will aid the blocking of oil glands and the creation of dirt.

5) Retinol regularity; review the frequency you are using any retinol products. As we know, retinols can often irritate the skin so wearing a face mask over this sensitive skin will only irritate it further. Consider using any retinol products less frequently when wearing your face mask.

6) SPF protection; you should still be applying your daily SPF to the face, including the lower part of your face that is at times covered by your face mask. Look at your SPF and your moisturiser, do you need both? Most clinical SPF’s act as a moisturiser as well and can remove the need for a moisturiser during the day. As we mentioned in point 4, we don’t want heavy duty, so cutting down on the number of products used in the morning could be very beneficial to promote a light-weight and breathable environment.

7) Time to sink in; always allow 30 minutes before putting your face mask on after applying any facial serums, moisturisers or SPF’s. This will allow everything to sink down into the skin where it needs to be, instead of being tampered with by your face mask.

8) Limit your face mask time; wherever possible while adhering to all social distancing and face mask measures, remove your mask at intervals throughout the day and give it some breathing space. If you can, within a lunch break or tea break, go outside, remove your mask and let your skin dry out and breath. If you are in an environment where your face mask must be on for the majority of the day, consider swapping your face mask at lunch time, using two per day to give your skin health the best chance.

We can help
By thinking about your skin health during our ‘new normal’ you can really aid your skin and keep on top of maintaining healthy and breakout-free skin! If you would like any further advise on how to maintain good skin health and what products to use while doing this, you can book a FREE virtual Skincare Consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners, simply call us on 01296 614441 or you can book online by visiting

Facial Treatments get the go ahead!


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Facial treatments get the go ahead!

The day has finally arrived!! Following Government confirmation, from Saturday 15th August we can return to full service and provide all facial treatments, with no restrictions being left in place.

The news we have all been waiting for!

All those on our waiting list will be called to re-book your appointments, with online bookings being made available from Saturday 15th.

We can’t wait to see you all! *happy dance*

Please click here to see how we are COVID-secure

Amended Opening Hours; call ahead

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NOTICE; due to the continued restrictions the clinic is still operating under amended opening hours. Please do not come into clinic unless you have a booked appointment. If you require products or would like to book an appointment, please call reception on 01296 614441 or you can email

If we are closed when you call, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will update you all on when all restrictions are finally lifted, enabling up to get back to full operating hours with all our staff #covidclosure #restrictedhours #callahead

Government U-Turn; lifting of facial restrictions postponed

karma house clinic covid

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – It is with great disappointment that we learn the planned lifting of restrictions for facial treatments with non-medical professions from 1st August, has been postponed for at least another 2 weeks. This means, our non-medical professionals will still be unable to provide any treatments to the face, until further notice.
We will plan to offer these treatments from Saturday 15th August following the advice given to us at this moment from the Government, but this is pending final confirmation and again could change. All clients with booked appointments that will be affected will be contacted in due course. Please bear with us as we navigate our way through the latest update and manage this difficult task.
We once again can only thank our loyal and supportive clients for your patience and understanding and as always, will look forward to seeing you back in the clinic soon. From all at Karma House Clinic
P.S. Although facial treatments with non-medical professionals must remain unavailable for the time being, we can still work from the neck down, and have been open for the past 2 weeks providing treatments such as body IPL hair removal, lesion removal and anti-ageing body detox’s! We are fully compliant with all covid safety measures and PPE, and the feedback from clients so far has been GREAT! Book online today

Pre-Appointment Information, COVID-19 Policies and Procedures


Below you will find an overview of efforts we’ve put in place to welcome you back to our clinic safely and comfortably as we navigate through the COVID-19 reopening process. Please carefully read what we ask of you to ensure you have all the information you need prior to attending the clinic.


What you can expect:

  • Extended appointment times to ensure we meet reopening requirements, to enable our team to clean and sanitize between every client.
  • While our clinic has always met stringent sanitation requirements, we will now more visibly display those efforts and display additional signage for your comfort.
  • Verbal confirmation by your service provider(s) that their hands have been sanitized immediately prior to the start of your service.
  • Service providers will wear PPE during all treatments as an enhanced safety measure.
  • Our front desk staff will welcome you upon arrival and your practitioner will take you straight into your treatment room
  • While hot beverages will not be offered in the usual manner, water will be available in disposable cups so please ask if you feel you need a drink of water.
  • Please wherever possible book your appointment online to enable contactless payment when checking out. No cash payments until further notice.


What we ask of you:

  • Wait in your car upon arrival. You will be called on your mobile when we are ready for you to come into the clinic, your Practitioner will be ready to take you straight through to your appointment. There will be no waiting area in operation and our policy is one-in-one-out so please do not enter the building until you have been instructed to do so.
  • Please do not bring any friend of family member with you to your appointment (unless medically necessary). You will be the only one permitted to enter the building for your appointment.
  • Please attend your appointment wearing your own face mask.
  • Sanitize your hands as you enter the clinic at the sanitizer station provided.
  • We will be operating a no-touch policy wherever possible. Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands with any staff members or other clients, as much as we have missed you!
  • Respect the clinic’s sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the clinic.
  • Adhere to all social distancing measures in place.

We can’t wait to welcome you safely back into clinic and look forward to seeing you soon!

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Opening for Medical Aesthetics Nurse Led Treatments Only

We are thrilled to announce that following confirmation received from the Department of Health, we are now able to open our doors for all *nurse led medical aesthetics only*

Last week Save Face, a Government Approved Industry Regulator and Register of Accredited Cosmetic Practitioners, submitted a request for further clarification on last weeks revision from the Department of Health, Trading Standards and Environmental Health. They have now received the following response:

‘The Department of Health has confirmed today that this revision is to provide further clarity and reach to the beauty sector – it DOES NOT apply to medical aesthetics performed by regulated clinicians following a medical model’.

Therefore medical professionals are now able to practice within their professional guidelines. For Karma House Clinic, this means our Registered Nurse, Kay, will be able to resume duty and return to clinic.

Save Face is a register that is exclusive to regulated healthcare professionals, and at Karma House Clinic we are proud to have been registered with them for over 5 years. We adhere to all their stringent protocols and are ready and compliant with the Save Face COVID-19 Protocol of Operation.

All treatments with Kay will commence from Friday 10th July, and those on her waiting list will be contacted this week to confirm re-booking. Online booking with Kay will then go live from Saturday.

Sadly, the rest of the clinic must still remain closed until further notice, including all treatments with Caron, Ruth, Elyssa, Alison and Carly.

We will up-date you as soon as we receive confirmation that we are able to open as a whole and resume business in full.

Again, thank you all for your continued support and patience. While there is still a small wait for the clinic as a whole to open, we can’t wait to get some of you back in the chair with Kay this week!

*nurse led medical aesthetics includes only the following treatments;

* dermal fillers
* wrinkle injections
* perfect peel
* profhilo
* lip enhancement
* non-surgical facelift
* skin-pen medical
* hyperhidrosis

COVID-19 Operational Protocol Certified

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 We have always been proud to be accredited with Save Face, the only Government Approved Register for trusted and approved clinics. We have received our COVID-19 certificate of compliance, confirming our clinic has adhered to and implemented all safety measures required for the safety of our staff and clients when we re-open #saveface #certified

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What to expect when you next visit Karma House Clinic

How to Prepare for your appointment with Karma House Clinic;

▪️ please stay in your car in the car park. You will be called when we are ready for you to come in.

▪️ please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment unless medically necessary.

▪️please do not attend your appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who is self-isolating

▪️please enter the clinic wearing your own PPE including a face mask and gloves

▪️please do not hug or touch any staff members or other clients when in clinic, as much as we have missed you!

▪️ you will notice some changes when you next visit us. We will be strictly adhering to all social distancing laws and following best practice guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff members.

???? ???? ???? All clients with booked appointments and on our waiting list will be contacted to re-book when we have an opening date confirmed by Government. We will then confirm when our general appointment diary is back open and you can book online.

As it stands we have been told to ‘remain closed until further notice’, we hope to see you all very soon. Thank you for your patience and loyalty throughout this difficult time.

It’s our 2nd Birthday @ Karma House!

It is our 2nd Birthday at Karma House!

Happy Birthday to us! The 1st June 2018 was the day we moved after 11 years based at Whitethorn Fields in Stoke Mandeville, to our new home of Karma House in Stone.

We LOVE our new clinic and the past 2 years have flown by! A lot has happened in those 2 years, we have;

  • purchased a brand new state-of-the-art Lumenis M22 IPL machine
  • introduced new treatments including Plasma Lifting and WOW Facial
  • moved to online booking for the ease, convenience and security of our clients
  • introduced 2 new staff member’s, Kay and Alison, making our total team of practitioners 6
  • streamlined our treatment menu with more package options and treatment options for our clients

It has been a busy 2 years and we have many new and exciting things lined up for the months and years ahead.


2nd Birthday Party?

karma house clinic stone bucks

Sadly not, well not now anyway! Who could have ever predicted we would be facing something such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we all find ourselves battling with. As saddened as we are that this has meant for our business to temporarily close, we are together with the country and the world in fighting this pandemic and getting us all back up and on our feet as quickly but as safely as possible.

This epidemic has strengthened our team and has shined the light on our strengths together during times of adversity. As we are currently preparing to re-open in July, we can’t wait to get back into clinic with all of our lovely clients.

We will plan to host a 2nd Birthday Party event when the pandemic permits it, fingers crossed that will be before the end of this year.

As always, a huge thank you to all of our clients, colleagues and staff who make what we do possible. Karma House Clinic was going from strength to strength and we will not let any pandemic get in the way of that. We plan to come back bigger and better and fighting fit!

#happybirthdaytous #2yearsold #karmahouseclinic

Our Plan to Re-Open


*pending compliance with the Government’s ‘Plan to Rebuild Recovery Strategy’, time frames may change

Following the Government’s announcements and the release of the 50 page recovery strategy document, we have been given a planned re-opening date of July 4th 2020. We sit within the Personal Care sector, which is inline with the Hospitality sector.

Although this is very much subject to the ‘R’ rate staying below 1 and could be pushed back should the statistics not show the improvement they need to, it is a time frame all the same and something we are able to plan around.

So, on that basis we are planning to re-open our doors on Monday 6th July (hooray!)

Due to the very real possibility that this date may be pushed back, we will not be taking bookings until we are back in office and confirmed to be open. This will also allow all the client’s that have had appointments cancelled and are on the waiting list, to be contacted and re-booked back in first.

So for now, we ask you to continue to sit tight. All those that have been cancelled due to the closure will be contacted to re-book as we nearer the time and have further confirmation we will be able to open.

From then on we will be shouting it loud and proud that we are open and taking new bookings, we can’t wait to be back in business!

What will we be doing prior to our re-opening date?

Prior to opening we will be training all staff in the new PPE and social distance policies and procedures. We have throughout the closure been getting ready for the day when we can open our doors again, to ensure the safety of both our staff and the public. We will be following all social distancing regulations as well as using all the required PPE to enable us to carry out our work safely.

Due to these new regulations that will be in place, you will notice some changes when you next visit the clinic. While we are all getting used to this new way of life as the battle against COVID-19 continues, it is to be expected for some adaptions and new procedures to be in place when all businesses are able to re-open. We will be communicating what changes you can expect at the clinic and all our PPE and social distancing policies in the weeks leading up to our re-opening date. These will also be sent to each client when a booking is made to ensure everyone has all the information they need prior to their visit.


The wait is nearly over

As mentioned above, now is the time to continue to sit tight and wait for further updates as we near our planned re-opening date. All those waiting to be re-booked back in will be contacted, and we will then let you all know as soon as the diary is officially open again and we are back in business!




Transitioning? We take NHS referrals and private bookings

Transitioning? We take NHS referrals and private bookings

At Karma House Clinic we see those at the beginning, middle or end of their transition in clinic regularly for treatments. Whether booked privately, or as a referral from the NHS, there are many treatments that can help when transitioning.

IPL Hair Removal
IPL Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments booked. To remove hair semi-permanently is life changing. After a course of treatment has been completed you will no longer need to shave daily, weekly or even monthly! The hair is gone ‘for good’, with one maintenance treatment reccomened per year to keep the hair growth at bay. This treatment can be given anywhere on the body, excluding genitalia and internally. Common treatment areas include the face and neck, legs, bikini line and armpits.

The first step for IPL Hair Removal would be to book in for a Free Consultation and Patch Test. During your Consultation your practitioner will inform you all about the treatment and exactly how it works, making sure you are suitable for the treatment. A small patch test will then be carried out, and your first treatment can take place 7 days post patch test.

Cosmetic Tattooing
Another top treatment that helps those transitioning, is Cosmetic Tattooing. Cosmetic Tattooing is used to define, recreate and enhance the facial features such as eyebrows, eyeliner and even the lips. Pigment is planted into the skin, much like a tattoo but only semi-permanent (meaning it will fade gradually over time) to create the perfect brows, enhance the eyes with eyeliner or create visually stunning lips.

This treatment is carried out in two parts taken 4-6 weeks apart, and then you will have a beautiful set of features that last up to 18 months before a one off top up is required. Not only is Cosmetic Tattooing great for enhancing the face but it takes away the daily need to draw in eyebrows or eyeliner or apply lipstick. Saving time and money!

Any Cosmetic Tattooing will be created together with you and your practitioner. It can be as natural or as made up as you wish, with the options of microblading or block brows. Digital tattooing allows you to create soft natural brows with a strong finish that last in the skin for up to 18 months.

Skin Care
We have a wide range of skin treatments at Karma House Clinic. These can help with all skin concerns such as dry skin, pitted skin, open pores, wrinkles, acne and sun damage. By understanding your skin and getting it to a point of good health, you can maintain a healthy glowing complexion at all times!

Treatments that are carried out at Karma House Clinic include skin peels, IPL skin rejuvenation, skin pen (skin needling), dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, plasma lift and much more.

We offer Free Consultations for all our skin treatments. We would advise first booking in for this so that you can get all the information on all your available options and can then book treatment in from there.

Anti Ageing
At Karma House Clinic our Aesthetic Nurse specialises in anti-ageing skin treatments. Treating skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, they have an option of treatments to best suit you. Treatments such as Dermal Fillers can rid of any unwanted wrinkles and plump our any sagging skin.

A Free Consultation must be had with the Aesthetic Nurse prior to any treatment. They can then advise and recommend what is most suitable for you and your skin.

youngblood mineral makeup karma house clinic

Make Up
Makeup, you can either love it or hate it! To some it comes naturally to apply and get creative with, for many it proves a difficult task. We stock Youngblood Mineral Makeup at Karma House Clinic which is a makeup that not only provides flawless coverage, but it feeds your skin with nutrients at the same time. Made from minerals it let’s your skin breath and promotes good skin health.

If you would like some help with makeup application including colour matching and handy tips and tricks, you can book in for a 45 minute makeup consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners.

Karma House Clinic is on the list of registered providers for transitioning patients and is funded for IPL Hair Removal treatments. If you have been referred by the NHS you can book your Free Consultation as normal, and any funding will then be dealt with at your first appointment.


So if you are ready to start treatment or are at the start of your research, you can book in for a Free Consultation to come and meet the team and learn more about how we can help you. To book you can call the clinic on 01296 614441 or you can book online by visiting our website.

*please note that during the COVID-19 lockdown we are operating a waiting list, please email your interest to, we will then call you to book your Consultation when we are officially re-open.

The Sun, how does it actually age and damage our skin?

Why does the sun age and damage my skin?

The sun is out everyday. Even during winter, the sun is in the sky and that means so are the damaging ultraviolet rays it gives out. There are 2 main types of UV rays that damage our skin. Both types can cause skin cancer:

  • UVB is responsible for the majority of sunburns.
  • UVA penetrates deep into the skin. It ages the skin but contributes much less towards sunburn.



To prevent the suns damaging rays from your skin, you need to wear a good quality medical grade SPF, everyday! It is that simple. But why? What will the sun do to your skin if you don’t? Well…

  1. Skin Cancer
    The number one reason for protecting your skin is to prevent skin cancer. 80% of skin cancers are avoidable. USE SPF.
  2. Wrinkles
    Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of elastin, something you have plenty of when you are young. Elastin keeps the skin plump and taught. The sun, kills off elastin in the skin, causing it to prematurely breakdown. So the sun literally, gives you wrinkles!
  3. Pigmentation
    The extra melanin caused by the sun turns your skin dark, or what we call, sun-tanned. In some cases, the sun will cause an uneven increase in melanin production, which produces irregular coloring of the skin, this is pigmentation. The sun can also cause a permanent stretching of the small blood vessels, giving your skin a reddish, mottled appearance.

To protect your skin and avoid damaged skin from the sun, use an SPF daily on your face, hands and neck. When sunbathing or in the summer months or abroad in a hot country, SPF should be used all over your body daily.

We use and highly recommend AlumierMD SPF’s. These not only act primarily as an SPF, but they are also formulated for skincare as well, and will help with moisture and anti-ageing. There are tinted and non-tinted options with a choice of colours and textures.

To learn more take a look at our website.